Listen to Jake Coco’s ‘Wonderwall (Acoustic)’ from A Million Little Things, Season 2, Episode 6

Cleveland native and singer songwriter Jake Coco’s ‘Wonderwall (Acoustic)‘ was featured on A Million Little Things last night — A Million Little Things, Season 2, Episode 6, “Unleashed“.

The track was played during the emotional scenes where we watch everyone following PJ to where he found Colin, as Katherine holds Charlie and as Eric looks at Cassie’s photograph.

Jake Coco’s ‘Wonderwall (Acoustic)‘ is, of course, a cover of the iconic Oasis song. But not just any cover.

Instead, it is a slow, sweet, and much more touching and emotional piano-driven version of ‘Wonderwall‘ than was originally produced by Oasis.

But also a version that has Jake Coco’s superb voice building from a slow, gentle and sweet delivery to one that is as rock and as powerful as the original track by its end. (Listen below).

Jake Coco’s ‘Wonderwall (Acoustic)’ is also the first of his songs to be featured on a TV series since his 2014 song ‘Graceland‘.

The track is from the singer and multi-instrumentalist’s 2015 album Under The Covers, Vol. 2. (Listen to the album in the Spotify widget below).

That album featured other superb cover versions of popular songs, and is one of a series of five cover songs albums Coco has released over the last few years.

In recent years, however, Coco seems to have moved onto recording his own original songs. His last original release was his 2016 album Strangers, Poets & Thieves via the YouTube indie label Keep Your Soul Records.

Listen to Jake Coco’s ‘Wonderwall (Acoustic)’ as featured on A Million Little Things in the official music video below. You can watch Coco perform the song there as well.

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