Listen to James Bay’s ‘Let It Go’ From ‘The Royals’ (Video)

james bay let it go

James Bay’s ‘Let It Go’ was featured on The Royals on Sunday night — (Season 2, Episode 6 — “Doubt Truth To Be a Liar“). The track played during the final few minutes, and left the episode with a melancholy feel.

Bay’s ‘Let It Go‘ is from his debut album Chaos and the Calm, which debuted in the number one spot when it was released in the UK earlier in the year.

As for James Bay himself, he’s an English singer songwriter and guitarist who catapulted onto the British music scene in 2014. In the just over a year since then, Bay has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and received the Brit Awards’ ‘Critics Choice Award’. Not bad for someone who is only 25 years old.

Then again, Bay’s career has been pretty meteoric. He got his start in music when a fan recorded a video of him singing at an open mic night and uploaded it to YouTube. Within a week, he had been signed by a major record label and his career took off from there.

Now listen to and watch the official video for James Bay’s ‘Let It Go‘ below. Oh, and yes, his entire Chaos and the Calm album is just as beautiful.


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