Listen to Japan, Man’s ‘Stop Staring’ from Dexter: New Blood, Season 1, Episode 3

The music supervisors of Dexter: New Blood have definitely done their work finding non-mainstream artists to feature on the show’s soundtrack most people will not be familiar with.

Artists like the Lebanese/English pop singer songwriter Japan, Man — the 17-year-old girl who releases homemade pop songs and interesting music videos with a definite retro DIY vibe under a quite unique name.

Japan, Man’s ‘Stop Staring‘ showed up on last night’s episode of the popular Showtime crime drama — Dexter: New Blood, Season 1, Episode 3, “Smoke Signals“.

The track was played as Audrey is giving Dexter’s son Harrison a ride.

Japan, Man’s ‘Stop Staring‘ was released in 2020 on her debut EP The Bad Days, which came out via Honeymoon and +1 Records.

The song is a mellow pop song with a catchy melody and some very cool vibes.

As for why she chose the name ‘Japan, Man‘, the Lebanese indie singer says she loves Japan and thought, by adding ‘Man’, it gave the name a nice ring to it.

Well it makes as much sense as many of the monikers today’s artists choose to showcase their music, so it works for me.

Listen to Japan, Man’s ‘Stop Staring‘ as heard on Dexter, New Blood in the song’s official music video and on her EP The Bad Days below.

You have to admit the track is as catchy as heck.


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