Listen to Jenn Grant’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (Green Grows the Lilac) from The Blacklist — mellow and soulful

Canadian pop folk singer/songwriter Jenn Grant’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (Green Grows the Lilac) was played on the newest episode of NBC’s The Blacklist last night — The Blacklist, Season 7, Episode 13, “Newton Purcell” (aired on April 3rd, 2020).

The song was heard as Liz talks to Alina about losing control when she was trying to stop Newton Purcell.

Jenn Grant’s ‘Eye of the Tiger‘, aka ‘Green Grows the Lilac’, is the singer’s cover version of the song by rock band Survivor. A version that is much more mellow and soulful than its original rock track.

Grant’s version of the track is officially titled ‘Green Grows the Lilac (Eye of the Tiger)‘, and is from her fourth studio album The Beautiful Wild.

Released in 2012 via Six Shooter Records, The Beautiful Wild won the award for Pop Recording of the Year at the 2013 East Coast Music Awards.

The album was written for and, to some extent, about Grant’s mother who was suffering from a terminal illness during the recording of the album and who died soon after its completion.

The original version of the song was the theme song for Rocky III, and was also the lead single for Survivor’s album of the same name.

The single itself hit the top spot on the charts in both the United States and UK, and ultimately became one of Survivor’s most iconic songs.

Listen to Jenn Grant’s ‘Green Grows the Lilac (Eye of the Tiger)‘ as featured on The Blacklist in the video below and on her album The Beautiful Wild in the Spotify player below that.

As for The Blacklist, the NBC crime thriller stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold and Parminder Nagra.

The series is currently heading towards the end of season 7 with NBC announcing last month the series had already been renewed for its eighth season.

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