Listen to Jeremy Renner’s ‘House of the Rising Sun’ from The Umbrella Academy, Season 3

American actor and singer songwriter Jeremy Renner’s ‘House of the Rising Sun‘ was played on The Umbrella Academy this week during that incredibly creepy episode (well, they all are, but this one…) — The Umbrella Academy, Season 3, Episode 4, “Kugelblitz“.

The song was played as Harlan Cooper kills the mothers.

The 1964 more famous The Animals’ version of the song was also played at the beginning of the episode as Harlan is at the hospital to musically illustrate his backstory.

Jeremy Renner’s cover of ‘House of the Rising Sun‘ came out in 2019 on the Record Street Music label, and has earned him almost 3 million plays on Spotify so far.

While there is no denying Renner has an incredible voice, I prefer other songs he has released as, to me, his ‘House of┬áthe Rising Sun‘ vocals are incredibly pretentious throughout.

Particularly in comparison to the more popular The Animals’ release.

But, of course, you may think otherwise.

Listen to Jeremy Renner’s ‘House of the Rising Sun‘ in his lyric video for the song below, and on the Spotify player.

Listen to The Animals’ version of the song in a performance the band gave of the song in 1964 down there too, as it was also played in the same episode. And, of course, check out more songs from The Umbrella Academy on Leo Sigh.


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