Listen to Jidenna’s ‘Long Live The Chief’ from Marvel’s Luke Cage — Powerful


Marvel’s Luke Cage has been on Netflix just a few days, and it’s already becoming a huge hit. Not just for the excellent show itself, but also because the music used in Marvel’s Luke Cage is so good.

Music like Jidenna’s ‘Long Live The Chief‘, which showed up on Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 1, Episode 5, “Just To Get A Rep“, not just as a recorded song on the soundtrack but with Jidenna actually on the TV show performing it live.

As for Jidenna, he is a hip hop R&B artist who is about to release his debut album this year. Called Long Live The Chief, it’s being released on Epic Records and Wondaland.

Watch and listen to Jidenna’s single ‘Long Live The Chief‘ in the official music video below and, while you do, check out that man’s awesome fashion style and listen to those lyrics. Because “I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket” is one of the best lines I’ve heard in a while.

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