Listen to Jill Andrews’ ‘Lost It All’ from The Originals — It’s Very Pretty

Jill Andrews Lost It All

American singer Jill Andrews‘ song ‘Lost It All‘ was featured on The CW series The Originals this week (Season 3, Episode 14 – “A Streetcar Named Desire“). It was played right at the end of the episode when Klaus felt his energy disappear.

Lost It All‘ was just released on February 26th on Vulture Vulture records. It was co-written by Andrews andĀ Matt Bronleewe. It was also featured on Teen Wolf last month.

As for Jill Andrews, she’s from Tennessee and got her start in music as one of the lead singers of the now-defunct Americana band The Everybodyfields. They broke up in 2009, and Andrews has been a solo artist ever since. But that certainly hasn’t stopped her producing some truly excellent music, including this latest track.

Listen to ‘Lost It All’ below. Pretty, isn’t it?

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