Listen to Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival’s ‘ Bones and Ghosts’ from Suits Season 8

Photo: Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival/Facebook

Blues/rock band Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival’s ‘ Bones and Ghosts‘ was featured on the latest episode of Suits this week — Season 8, Episode 14, “Peas in a Pod“.

The soulful blues rock song was played over the end credits.

Bones and Ghosts‘ is from the Mobile, Alabama based band’s debut album Home. Released in 2017 on Skate Mountain Records, in a comment to Pop Matters, lead singer Lumpkin had this to say about Home,

The album Home is subversive and restructuring at the same time. It’s whimsical and lighthearted at times but heavy in the way of its overall message. Styles be damned in this work. It’s music.

It’s an attempt to tell a bigger story with 12 little stories. In the end, it’s my life. It’s taken everything I’ve got to get here. I hope you find sanctuary in the music.”

Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival is Lumpkin, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica,  John Cochran, lead guitar, Travis Patch, drums and Garret Hall on bass.

Listen to Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival’s ‘Bones and Ghosts‘ in the video below.

You can hear Home in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that, and learn more about the indie band on their website.

In the ‘Introducing Jimmy Lumpkin‘ video way down below, you can even check out Lumpkin’s cabin where he hangs out, plays music and writes all his songs.

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