Listen to Jinks’ ‘Poison Lover’ from Grace, S3E02 – man, that’s a BANGING pop track!

Jinks’ ‘Poison Lover‘ was that banging song playing on the radio on the ITV crime series Grace, Season 3, Episode 2, “Dead Man’s Grip” last night as the taxi picks Ethan up and, instead of taking him to the dentist, takes him to a parking lot.

The pop track itself was released on March 17th via 18th Floor Recordings.

And sadly, that is all I can tell you about Jinks’ ‘Poison Lover‘. One of the catchiest, most addictive songs I have heard in a long time, and one I have been listening to on repeat for the last hour.

That is because while, according to their Spotify photo, Jinks appears to be a music duo and ‘Poison Lover‘ seems to be their debut single as they have no other songs on the streaming platform, there is no information about the duo anywhere on the Internet that I can find in the 10 minutes I had available to look for it.

It is also something I am noticing more and more recently.

Newer bands/artists who don’t have any promo material online anywhere. Leaving me to wonder why they believe this will help them further their music careers?

Sure, mystery is great if you are a well-established artist everyone has heard of. If you are a new artist, though, well…

Enjoy Jinks’ ‘Poison Lover‘ as briefly heard on last night’s Grace in the just-uploaded video and on the Spotify player. (And I wish the music producers of the show had had it played longer and louder). (** The song showed up extensively on Episode 3, and wasn’t that a nice surprise?)

It is just a pity I can’t tell you more about the song or them, as it’s banging. Hopefully Jinks will rectify that going forward as, with a debut as good as this, they are going places.

As for Grace, Season 3 of the hit crime drama is now airing via ITV.


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