Listen to Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play’ from Kung Fu, Season 2, Episode 1 — it’s incredibly catchy

Taiwanese singer songwriter Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play‘ was a lovely addition to last night’s return of Kung Fu Kung Fu, Season 2, Episode 1, “Year of the Tiger: Part 1“.

Because, while Tsai isn’t particularly well-known in the English speaking world, she is huge in the Chinese speaking world and is thought to be one of that world’s most influential entertainers.

Tsai is also one of the most admired artists in Taiwan, as she is a female singer who is completely in charge of her own career.

From only releasing her music on Eternal, her own record label, to making every decision about her music and other aspects of her career, doing so has caused Jolin Tsai to become one of the most successful female singers in Taiwan in the last two decades.

As a result, her record sales are in the tens of millions.


Jolin Tsai’s Play cover art

As for Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play‘, it is the second single from her thirteenth studio album of the same name.

An album that hit the #1 spot on six different Taiwanese charts, as well as got to #1 in Singapore and on the Worldwide Mandarin Albums chart.

Listen to Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play‘ from last night’s Kung Fu in the music video for the song, which itself has more than 36 million plays on YouTube.

You can also hear the track on Tsai’s Play album below. An album that, if you like ‘Play‘, you should definitely listen to all the way through as it features a slew of stellar tracks.

The second season of Kung Fu is now available via Amazon Prime Video.


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