Listen to Jon Bryant’s ‘At Home’ from ‘NCIS’ — it’s very pretty

Listen to Jon Bryant’s ‘At Home‘ from NCIS

Canadian singer songwriter Jon Bryant’s song ‘At Home‘ was one of the tracks featured on this week’s episode of NCIS — Season 15, Episode 21, (May 1st, 2018) “One Step Forward“.

The song was played at the end of the episode as Sara first goes to the shelter to thank Clayton, then goes back to Gibbs at home. The track, therefore, was a perfect ending to this episode.

At Home‘ is Jon Bryant’s new single. It was released on May 1st, 2018. The same day it was played on NCIS.

Jon Bryant himself is a dream pop singer songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia who now lives in Vancouver. He currently has three albums out. Albums that have been nominated for several awards including Folk Album of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards.

Bryant’s work has also been featured on TV shows other than just NCIS, including Rookie BlueDegrassi: The Next Generation, and the Canadian TV series Less Than Kind.

Listen to Jon Bryant’s ‘At Home‘ from NCIS in the cool animated video below. It really is a pretty song, and Bryant’s voice is so sweet.

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