Listen to Jonas Blue’s ‘What I Like About You’ from Shrinking, Season 1, Ep. 6 end credits

British DJ and record producer Jonas Blue’s ‘What I Like About You‘ feat. Theresa Rex was played over the end credits of this week’s episode of Shrinking yesterday — Shrinking, Season 1, Episode 6, “Imposter Syndrome“.

The bangin’ track was released in early 2019 on the Virgin EMI record label.

It features vocals from Danish singer Theresa Rex, and is a song that has such a nice summer vibe to it, that it quickly became a fan favorite.

As does the ‘What I Like About You‘ official music video, which tells the story of a young woman who meets a guy her father doesn’t approve of.

But, instead of following her father’s wishes and breaking up with him, she continues the relationship.

After all, to her, love is more important than bowing down to what her father or, to some extent, society tells her she should do.

The video itself was also filmed as a summer music video, complete with beaches, parties, lots of sun and beautiful young people enjoying their lives.

Just like you should do when you are that age.

Listen to Jonas Blue’s ‘What I Like About You‘ feat. Theresa Rex as heard on Shrinking in the Spotify player, and in the song’s cool music video.

The first season of Shrinking is now streaming via Apple TV+ in most regions.


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