Listen to Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ from Billions Season 4, Episode 7, “Infinite Game”

Iconic singer songwriter Joni Mitchell’s ‘River‘ was featured on the latest episode of Billions last night — Season 4, Episode 7, “Infinite Game” (April 28th, 2019).


The track was heard as Axe and his crew pay their respects to pizzeria owner Bruno, as we see Chuck enjoying the aroma of a freshly baked pie and as Wendy is jogging.

Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ is a folk song Mitchell originally wrote as a Christmas song, which first appeared on her 1971 album Blue.

The song was written more as a break-up song than as a Christmas track, and has never been released as a single by Mitchell. Yet it has been recorded more than 400 other times by different artists over the years since its first release.

It really is that beloved of a song, and has had that much of an influence on so many musicians.

And, just in case you have never heard Joni Mitchell’s ‘River‘ before, and are wondering what rock  you have been hiding under, don’t feel terrible about it. Because I am a music journalist and, weirdly, I had not heard ‘River‘ until last night on Billions either.

Probably, as more of an indie alternative music fan than anything else,  I have not been a follower of Mitchell, or listened to much of her music other than two particular albums.

The same is likely true for you, and the genres of music you tend to gravitate towards.

Listen to Joni Mitchell’s ‘River‘ in the official audio video for it below now. You can also hear ‘River’ and her album Blue in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that, and keep up to date on Mitchell news on the Canadian singer songwriter’s website.

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Michelle Topham