Listen to Jordan Fisher’s ‘Mess’ from Work It soundtrack –it’s a cool dance number

Jordan Fisher and Sabrina Carpenter in Work It

American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor (phew!) Jordan Fisher’s ‘Mess‘ was one of the cool dance tracks featured on the soundtrack of the new Netflix dance movie Work It this week.

Fisher’s ‘Mess’ was the song that was played during Jake’s music video.

Jordan Fisher not only provided music for the popular film, however, he also plays Jake Taylor, a talented dancer who injures his knee and thinks his career is now over.

That is until Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter) asks him if he will help her put together a group of dancers so she can learn to dance, enter a dance competition called Work It and use it to gain a spot in a top college.

Fisher’s ‘Mess’ was first released in 2017 via Hollywood Records as a stand-alone single.

It also came with an official music video at the time featuring Fisher and fellow dancer Brooke Maroon dancing together in an alley and showing off some superb dance moves.

A video that was filmed and then run in reverse to create an extremely effective music video.

You can listen to Jordan Fisher’s ‘Mess‘ from Work It in that video below.

Work It itself is currently streaming on Netflix.


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