Listen to Josef Salvat’s ‘Hustler’ from ‘Lucifer’, it’s all kinds of gorgeous

Listen to Josef Salvat’s ‘Hustler’ from Lucifer

Australian electropop singer Josef Salvat’s song ‘Hustler‘ was featured on the latest episode of Lucifer last week — Season 3, Episode 14, “My Brother’s Keeper“.

It was played as Lucifer returns to the destroyed Lux, Amenadiel tells him that he marked Pierce, and Lucifer responds by telling him he no longer needs his protection.

Josef Salvat’s ‘Hustler‘ is from his 2015 debut album Night Swim. An album that, interestingly, was only released in France in 2015. It was then released in the UK and then worldwide four months later in early 2016.

In the last few years, Salvat has also been making a name for himself at various music festivals around Europe. He even seems to be carving out a career for himself in the advertising world with his songs featured in a number of high-profile commercials, including an ad for Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV with his cover of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds‘.

Salvat is also known for keeping the lyrics of his music generally pronoun free, as he identifies as bisexual and has been in relationship with both sexes in the past, so could be singing to either a man or a woman.

Listen to Josef Salvat’s ‘Hustler‘ in his official music video for the song below. Now that boy has a beautiful voice.

And, if you love the gorgeousness that is ‘Hustler‘, don’t miss Salvat’s catchy song ‘Open Season, and its cool music video below that.

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