Listen to Julien Baker’s ‘Funeral Pyre’ from Midnight, Texas it’s stunningly devastating and mesmerizingly beautiful

Listen to Julien Baker’s ‘Funeral Pyre‘ from Midnight, Texas it’s devastatingly sad and her voice is heart-wrenching

Indie singer songwriter and guitarist Julien Baker’s ‘Funeral Pyre‘ was featured on Midnight, Texas this week — Season 1, Episode 5, “Unearthed“.

The song was played when Fiji tells Bob she needs more time to process all the information she has learned about him, and he kisses her. It continued while Creek goes to see Manfred and tells him she is going to spend the night.

And, while Midnight, Texas has featured quite a few songs that stand out, Julien Baker’s ‘Funeral Pyre‘ is something kind of special. Something you will remember the first time you hear it.

Because her voice has that sadness and intensity that will just touch the pain in your soul and her lyrics are…well….this:

I wake up with the same pain every night Digging a hatchet into my left side
Clearing my chest of something to burn
Ash for a decorative urn you keep in your mantelpiece
Like a trophy for everything
That withers eventually

Call me a coward, but I’m too scared to leave
’cause I want you to be the last thing I see
Call me a coward, but I’m too scared to leave
Watched you pouring lighter fluid out onto the leaves

Baker’s ‘Funeral Pyre‘ was released in 2017 as a 7″ single. She is also currently working on her sophomore album. Called Turn Out The Lights, it is due for release some time towards the end of this year.

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Watch Julien Baker performing ‘Funeral Pyre’ live in Munich earlier this year in the video below. An astounding performance from a teeny tiny woman who is such a huge talent.

You can also hear it again during her astounding¬†NPR Tiny Desk Concert in the video below that, along with two other songs — ‘Sprained Ankle‘ and ‘Something‘. A concert, I might add, that has already seen almost 1.6 million views since it was uploaded, and garnered some of the most ‘in love’ comments I’ve ever seen on a YouTube video.

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