Listen to K.D. Lang’s ‘Theme from The Valley of the Dolls’ Featured on Series Finale of ‘Nurse Jackie’

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K.D. Lang’s ‘Theme from The Valley of the Dolls‘ was the last song featured on the series finale of Showtimes’ Nurse Jackie on Sunday night. (Season 7, Episode 12 “I Say a Little Prayer“). An appropriate song choice, I’d say, considering how the episode, and the series, finished. Because, let’s face it, it wasn’t particularly uplifting now, was it?

Lang’s ‘Theme from The Valley of the Dolls‘ first appeared on her 1997 cover album ‘Drag‘.

The theme of the album was addiction, and the way K.D. Lang sings this particular song is particularly sad. Wanting something different for her life, but knowing it will probably never be.

Again, apropos for Nurse Jackie and the bad choices Jackie almost always made, and how everything in her life came tumbling down because of them.

Listen to K.D. Lang’s ‘Theme from The Valley of the Dolls’ in the video below. And, if you haven’t seen the final episode of Nurse Jackie yet, oh, you really should. Because it may not be the happiest of endings, but it is a fitting ending to a spectacular piece of television, and this episode in particular is one of Edie Falco’s finest.


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