Listen to K.S. Rhoads’ ‘Chess’ from The Blacklist, S10, E02

American indie singer songwriter K.S. Rhoads’ ‘Chess‘ was one of the tracks played on the latest episode of the crime drama The Blacklist this week — The Blacklist, Season 10, Episode 2, “The Whaler“.

The song was heard as Siya and Ressler are at the casino with Spencer, and Siya decides to play poker.

K.S. Rhoads’ ‘Chess‘ was released on the singer’s 2020 album Experts.

The album came out via music distributor Tone Tree Music.

Chess‘ was the singer’s first single since 2013, with Rhoads telling American Songwriter the song was written about:

polarization in society, the framing of us vs. them, and the false notion that, as Isaac Asimov perfectly stated, “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

Rhoads then went on to explain:

it is a reminder that a lot of the divisiveness that society has seemed to embrace over the last few years could’ve possibly been prevented if we would all just take a step back and realize who is actually formulating all this polarization.

The songwriter then expounds on that theory in the song’s music video, which starts with a young boy watching TV while his brain is “plugged in” to the TV screen.

Listen to K.S. Rhoads’ ‘Chess‘ as heard on The Blacklist this week on his Experts album, and in the song’s official music video.

The tenth season of The Blacklist is now airing on NBC. It is the crime drama’s final season with its last episode scheduled to air on May 14th.


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