Listen to KALEIDA’s ‘Aliaa’ and ‘Convolution’ from Wu Assassins — gorgeously, ethereally beautiful

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British electro pop duo KALEIDA’s ‘Aliaa‘ was the song that played over the end credits of the first episode of the new Netflix supernatural martial arts series Wu Assassins this week — Wu Assassins, Season 1, Episode 1, “Drunken Watermelon“.

It was one of two KALEIDA songs to be featured in the episode, with the duo’s ‘Convolution‘ showing up earlier in the episode.

Both songs are gorgeously, ethereally beautiful.

KALEIDA themselves are a female duo that, when they first got together in 2013, weren’t even originally in the music business. Instead, Christina Wood (vocals) had been working in Borneo, while Cicely Goulder (synths) was pursuing a career in the film industry.

The two met at the urging of a friend, and were soon hard at work releasing demos of dreamy electro pop that garnered them a huge number of fans.

Once they were signed by Lex Records, they never looked back.

Listen to KALEIDA’s ‘Aliaa’ and ‘Convolution‘ from Wu Assassins in the videos below, and you’ll quickly see why their music grabs people so fast.

ALIAA‘ is from the duo’s 2015 six-track EP Think‘Convolution‘ was the opening track on their debut studio album Tear The Roots, which was released in 2017.

You’ll find both the duo’s EP Think and the album in their entirety in the Spotify widgets below as well. Keep up-to-date with upcoming concerts and new releases on KALEIDA’s website.

***And one last thing — If you love the music KALEIDA had featured on Wu Assassins, you must listen to their cover of Nena’s iconic track ‘99 Luftballons‘. A song that has been a favorite since it was released way back in 1983, but I think I might like KALEIDA’s version even more. That’s also on their album below.

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