Listen to KAWALA’s ‘Ticket to Ride’ from Beyond Paradise, Episode 4 as Kelby cycles to the rave

English indie pop band KAWALA’s ‘Ticket to Ride‘ was that fabulously catchy song playing on the Britbox drama Beyond Paradise this week mid-way through the episode as Kelby is struggling to cycle to the illegal rave to question some of the participants who are still there — Beyond Paradise, Episode 4.

The song came out in June, 2020 as a single, then was re-released in March, 2022 on the London based pop band’s debut studio album Better With You, which came out on the Universal Music record label.

KAWALA’s ‘Ticket to Ride‘ also got a pretty big push when the song was one of the tracks used on the FIFA 2021 video game’s soundtrack.

So much so, its animated video now has more than two million plays on YouTube.

The track has also earned more than 18 million plays and climbing on Spotify alone.

No surprise really though, as ‘Ticket to Ride‘ has such an addictive melody and such sweetly quirky vocals, there is no way you will be able to listen to it just once.

In fact, I added it to my Spotify Liked Songs list as soon as I heard it on Beyond Paradise, and have been playing it over and over again since.

Listen to KAWALA’s ‘Ticket to Ride’ as heard on Beyond Paradise this week, in the song’s official music video, and on the band’s Better With You album.

There is also a cool live performance KAWALA gave of the song back in 2020 you should also watch down below.


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