Listen to KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up’ from Black Mirror, S6 Ep 2 from the episode beginning

The superb Netflix sci-fi series Black Mirror is back with a sixth season and with, as usual, superb songs on each episode’s soundtrack.

One song I had not heard for a long time was the one playing on Black Mirror, Season 6, Episode 2, “Loch Henry” right at the beginning of the episode as Pia is sleeping on her boyfriend’s shoulder as they head to his mother’s house.

The track stops playing as the van they are in pulls into his mother’s yard to see her standing at the door waiting for them.

When was KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up‘ released?

That song was KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up‘, which came out in August, 1982 in the U.S., followed by an international release a year later.

It was an interesting release as the band’s initial plan to get the song out to the public was thwarted by Epic Records, whose executives decided the track wasn’t worth a single release.

A big blow to the band, who were counting on the song for their comeback after music fans had become bored with disco music, and so their popularity had dropped.

Luckily for the band, indie label Meca Records agreed to release the song, which then went on to become a hit.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up‘ peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as at #17 on the Cash Box Top 100, and #24 on the US┬áDance/Disco Top 80 chart.

That success then led to an international release the following year, causing the track to hit #1 in Ireland and the UK, as well as high up on charts in seven other countries, including Germany, Belgium and Australia.

Listen to KC and the Sushine Band’s ‘Give It Up‘ from the opening minutes of Black Mirror this week in the video, and on the Spotify player.

Oh yep, and that episode of Black Mirror (and all the others) is well worth watching as well. It is now streaming on Netflix.


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