Listen to Kolton Moore & The Clever Few’s ‘Peace in the Pines’ from Yellowstone, Season 4, Episode 10

Photo: Paramount

Last night’s season finale of Yellowstone featured yet more stellar songs on its soundtrack.

This time, Texas based country rock band Kolton Moore & the Clever Few’s ‘Peace in the Pines‘, which showed up on Yellowstone, Season 4, Episode 10, “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops“.

The song was played over the ending scene of an episode that gave us enough closure to be satisfactory, yet still setting us up for more fun and games in the upcoming fifth season.

Kolton Moore & the Clever Few’s ‘Peace in the Pines‘ is from the band’s self-published seven-track album Everything Has Changed (listen below), which came out in 2020.

The lovely mellow track is a standout, not only for Kolton Moore’s rich voice, but for the song’s sentiment — life eventually comes to an end for everyone and, when it does for him, the singer wants to go to his rest thinking about the good times he had and not the sadness of the people he will leave behind.

Listen to Kolton Moore & the Clever Few’s ‘Peace in the Pines‘ as heard on Yellowstone in the video, and on the band’s Everything Has Changed album.

Learn more about the band on their official website.


Michelle Topham