Listen to Lamb’s ‘Wise Enough’ from ‘Sense 8’ — atmospheric, soft and lovely, and with a gorgeous official video

Listen to Lamb’s ‘Wise Enough‘ as featured on the Netflix series ‘Sense 8

British electronic music duo Lamb’s ‘Wise Enough‘ was featured in the latest season of the Netflix series Sense 8Season 2, Episode 6, “Isolated Above, Connected Below”. It was used as background music to the montage of Wolfgang and Kala, and Zakia and Capheus having sex. And it was music, with its ethereal quality, that created just the right mood for the scenes as they unfolded.

Wise Enough‘ is from 5, Lamb’s fifth studio album. An album released in 2011, and the first one Lamb had released in more than five years. It was critically acclaimed at the time, with most music critics agreeing they certainly had not lost any of their talent after the duo broke up several years before, and then got back together.

Since then, Lamb has released two other studio albums (a re-release of their first album Lamb, and a new album Backspace Unwind) and a live album — all of which have received the same overall positive critical response.

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The song ‘Wise Enough‘, however, is one of their prettiest releases in my book, with its lovely strings and soft percussion, and its electronic overlays. The official video for ‘Wise Enough‘ is also the perfect accompaniment to the song, looking as it does like it belongs in an art gallery. No surprise then that it was an official selection at a number of European film festivals.

Listen to Lamb’s ‘Wise Enough‘ from ‘Sense 8‘ below, and watch that stunning official video.

You can buy their album 5, with its 10 other equally lovely tracksĀ on all major music sites.

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