Listen to Laura Gibson’s ‘I Don’t Want Your Voice to Move Me’ from Charmed, Season 1, Episode 22

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American indie folk rock singer songwriter Laura Gibson’s ‘I Don’t Want Your Voice to Move Me’ was featured on the season finale of Charmed, Season 1, Episode 22, “The Source Awakens” last night.

The song was heard as Mel freezes time and we discover that Nico is still wearing the anti-magic ring. We then see her waving from across the street, and then she disappears. The track continued playing as Parker and Maggie share a sorrowful goodbye.

Oregon native Laura Gibson’s ‘I Don’t Want Your Voice to Move Me‘ is from her fourth studio album Goners, which was released in late 2018 via the indie label Barsuk Records.

The track came with a low-budget music video in which Gibson plays a woman walking through a beautiful but deserted desert landscape. She eventually comes across a small child who hands her a crystal. Gibson then walks away with it.

The song is a typical Gibson ‘storytelling song’, with lyrics like

You know, I don’t go easy
I’ve never made a myth of your disease
I hedged my bets with every soul I ever loved
Except for one
Honey, all I know of hope is throwing stones into the void

I don’t want your voice to move me
I don’t want to be cracked open
I don’t want the broken headlight flicker
The bright pines, the silver sigh, the moon

walking us through how she is dealing with grief and loss and pain. Or not.

Watch and listen to Laura Gibson’s ‘I Don’t Want Your Voice to Move Me‘ in her music video below. You can also hear the singer’s debut album Goners in the Spotify widget below that.

The album itself was written about grief, with much of it being about the loss of her father while Gibson was still a teenager.

You can learn more about the indie singer on her website. Her next live performance will be at the Nelsonville Music Festival in Ohio on June 8th and 9th.

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