Listen to Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue’ from Walker, Season 2, Ep. 18 – a stunningly beautiful song

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Christian music singer songwriter Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue‘ was played on this week’s episode of Walker yesterday — Walker, Season 2, Episode 18, “Search and Rescue“.

The stunningly beautiful song was played as Trey gets the wires hooked onto Colton and rescues him after he fell and hit his head.

Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue‘ was the second single released from the singer’s third studio album Look Up Child, which came out in 2018 on the Christian music record label Centricity.

The song shot to #3 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. It also made it to #1 on the Cross Rhythms Weekly chart, and #6 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart.

It is a song that has crossed over from the Christian music world, being used on the soundtracks of several hit TV shows, including Legacies, Grey’s Anatomy and The Village.


Lauren Daigle’s ‘Look Up Child‘ album cover art

As for me, I am a lifelong atheist, and yet I love Daigle’s music. Her voice is husky and gorgeous, her melodies are always lovely and her songs tend to stick in your head long after they end.

Along with the song’s almost 108 million plays on Spotify, the official ‘Rescue‘ music video has also received more than 43 million plays on YouTube so far.

That music video has Daigle filmed singing the track in various desolate but breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Listen to Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue‘ as played in the rescue scene on last night’s Walker in the song’s music video, and on her superb Look Up Child album.

And do listen to the album in full, as many of the tracks on it are just as lovely as ‘Rescue‘.



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