Listen to Letters to Cleo’s ‘Here and Now’ from BH90210 Season 1 finale

The iconic Letters To Cleo’s ‘Here and Now‘ was featured on the new Fox reboot BH90210 last night — BH90210, Season 1, Episode 6 (September 11th, 2019).

A reboot featuring the original cast members of Beverly Hills 90201. And one that has the cast playing fictionalized versions of their own lives.

Letters To Cleo’s ‘Here and Now‘ is from the alternative rock band’s 1994 debut studio album Aurora Gory Alice. An album that made it to the Billboard 200 chart at #123 in 1995, and the Heatseekers chart at #3.

Interestingly too, the single did not do that well when it was first released. But, soon after it was featured on the teen drama series Melrose Place, it began to get a lot of attention.

That attention is what sent it onto the singles charts a year after its initial release.

Listen to Letters To Cleo’s ‘Here and Now‘ in the video below. You can hear their album Aurora Gory Alice in the Spotify widget below that.

As for BH90210, the series finale aired last night with no word from Fox yet about there being a second season. With fans organizing a petition, though, it could very well happen.

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