Listen to Lia Ices’ ‘Little Marriage’ as Featured on ‘Girls’ — Dreamy, Ethereal and Beautiful

lia ices grown

American singer songwriter Lia Ices had her song ‘Little Marriage‘ featured on this week’s episode of the HBO series Girls — Season 5, Episode 6 — ‘The Panic in Central Park‘. And it’s the second track Ices has had featured on Girls, since the first track, ‘Love Is Won‘, brought her to national attention back in 2012.


Both songs are from her second album Grown Unknown.

As for Lia Ices, she’s been making music since she was young. From an artistic family (her twin brother is also a musician, her mother is a photographer and her father a poet), she was raised in Connecticut, but moved to California to pursue a music career.

Since then, Ices has released three albums with her last album, Ices, being released in 2014. Her last two albums came out on the indie label Jagjaguwar Records.

As for Lia Ices’ ‘Little Marriage‘, it’s experimental pop that is dreamy and ethereal, very English folk-musicy in its feel and with definite undertones of the Cocteau Twins. Listen to it and watch the official ‘Little Marriages‘ video below to see how pretty that is.


Michelle Topham