Listen to Lizzo’s ‘Like a Girl’ from The Flight Attendant, Season 2, Episode 1

The HBO Max thriller The Flight Attendant is back this week with Season 2, and is also serving up yet more cool songs on its soundtrack.

Songs like Lizzo’s ‘Like a Girl‘, which was played on The Flight Attendant, Season 2, Episode 1, “Seeing Double” over the episode’s opening montage.

Lizzo’s ‘Like a Girl‘ is from the American rapper and singer’s third studio album Cuz I Love You.

That album came out in 2019 on the Nice Life and Atlantic labels.

The song was not one of the three singles released from the album, but has still earned Lizzo more than 4 million plays on YouTube and over 71 million plays on Spotify.

Her Cuz I Love You album was also a big hit for the rapper, not only charting in 14 countries, but also hitting #2 on the UK R&B Albums chart and #4 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

The album was eventually nominated for two Grammy Awards, winning a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Listen to Lizzo’s ‘Like a Girl‘ as heard on the new season of The Flight Attendant this week in the video, and on her Cuz I Love You album.

Season 2 of The Flight Attendant is now airing on HBO Max.


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