Listen to Lola Marsh’s ‘Wishing Girl’ from Faraway movie – an upbeat, catchy, danceable track that’s so darn sweet

The German romantic comedy Faraway premiered on Netflix yesterday, and boy is this thing fabulous.


Faraway follows the story of an older woman who heads off to a Croatian island after inheriting a house from her mother, only to find herself falling in love with someone she didn’t expect.

It is full of the funniest, most touching, sweetest moments of any film I have watched in a while, as well as musically illustrated with some superb songs on its soundtrack.

And isn’t it nice to see people who don’t fit the ‘acceptable mould’ falling in love?

Songs like Israeli pop duo Lola Marsh’s ‘Wishing Girl‘, which was played in the film as Zeynep (Naomi Krauss) heads to the shop Josip (Goran Bogdan) owns to buy a window.

Lola Marsh’s ‘Wishing Girl‘ is the lead single from the duo’s debut studio album Remember Roses, which came out in June, 2017 via the Universal and Anova Music record labels, and charted in Switzerland and Belgium.

It is a catchy, upbeat, makes-you-want-to-dance song that kicks off with a whistled melody that is then joined by lead vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen’s gorgeously husky vocals.

Vocals I could honestly listen to all day, as her voice has such an unusual timbre to it.

Listen to Lola Marsh’s ‘Wishing Girl‘ as heard on Faraway in the song’s official music video, which features the members of Lola Marsh shot through a circular cutout interspersed with scenes from another couple’s lives.

You can also hear the track on their Remember Roses album.

Watch Faraway now via Netflix and, if you love a good rom-com, you really should. Check out its trailer below, and you will be desperate to click Play.