Listen to Lotte Kestner’s ‘True Faith’ from The Last of Us Episode 4 end credits – melancholic and haunting

American indie folk rock and dream pop singer Lotte Kestner’s ‘True Faith‘ was that melancholic song playing over the end credits of The Last of Us last night — The Last of Us, Episode 4, “Please Hold on to My Hand“.

The track originally came out over a decade ago in 2011 on the indie singer’s sophomore studio covers album Fallen, which was released via Saint-Loup Records.

Kestner’s ‘True Faith‘ is a slowed-down acoustic version of the New Order synth pop smash hit single, which was released in 1987 on the English alternative rock band’s Substance compilation album.

A version that is markedly different than the alternative dance original, as that was much more upbeat due to its driving beat and thus more hopeful-sounding lyrics.

New Order’s original was a huge hit on college and alternative radio stations, and played in dance clubs all over the U.S. and Europe for months after it first came out.

Lotte Kestner’s version of the song on the other hand feels more introspective and much more desolate, as she has used the lyrics to give a more haunting feel.

Perfect for that The Last of Us ending.

Listen to Lotte Kestner’s ‘True Faith‘ as heard on The Last of Us in the video, and on her Fallen album.

You can also hear the original New Order version of the track below that.


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