Listen to Louden Swain’s ‘Pop Tart Heart’ from Supernatural, Season 15, Episode 12


Indie rock band Louden Swain’s ‘Pop Tart Heart‘ showed up on the newest episode of Supernatural this week — Supernatural, Season 15, Episode 12.

The track was heard on Earth 2 in the Hi-fi store as we see the woman browsing.

Pop Tart Heart‘ is from the band’s fourth studio album A Brand New Hurt, and is the third song they have had featured on Supernatural since 2012.

No surprise there though really as the band’s lead singer, Rob Benedict, also plays the role of Chuck Shurley, aka Carver Edlund, in the long-running dark fantasy series.

If you have been to any of the Supernatural conventions in the last few years as well, you will already be familiar with Louden Swain. After all, the rock band is the designated house band for the events and performs concerts at most of them in both Canada and the United States.

Listen to Louden Swain’s ‘Pop Tart Heart‘ from Supernatural in the video and on their album A Brand New Hurt below.

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