Listen to Madi Wolf’s ‘Lucky’ from ‘Coupled’ — It’s Addictive

madi wolf lucky cover art

Did you hear Madi Wolf’s ‘Lucky‘ on the Fox TV series Coupled last week (Season 1, Episode 4 — “At First Sight“, and have had it swimming around in your head ever since?

No shocker, as it has a hook that is so incredibly addictive.

Madi Wolf’s ‘Lucky‘ is the first single from 18-year-old Wolf, a singer who has been performing since she was just six years old.

The single is from her debut EP Glare, which was released at the end of April.

As for Madi, she is originally from Virginia but moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago to work on her music with a number of prominent producers.

Considering ‘Lucky‘ has already hit the soundtrack of a major new TV series, and is garnering some major attention, I would say she is doing quite well.

Listen to Madi’s ‘Lucky‘ in the video below.

There is also a more laid-back and very sweet acoustic version of the track in the video below that from Madi’s live performance of the song on The Zoo at LATV last week.


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