Listen to Maggie Rogers’ ‘Fallingwater’ from Younger

The Maggie Rogers track ‘Fallingwater‘ was featured on the new episode of the TV Land comedy-drama series Younger last night — Season 5, Episode 12, “Lizability“.

The track was played as Charles tells Liza he is very happy with the decision he has made, and they kiss. They then walk away hand in hand.

Singer songwriter Maggie Rogers’ ‘Falling Water‘ was released earlier this year.  It is the first single from her upcoming debut album, and was followed up shortly after by a second single ‘Give a Little‘.

As for Maggie Rogers, she is the singer you may have heard about that suddenly shot to fame after a video showed up on YouTube of Pharrell Williams listening to Rogers’ song ‘Alaska‘.

A song she wrote for a Masterclass with Williams at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, and a song that blew Pharrell William’s away when he was listening. (You can watch that video below).

Listen to Maggie Rogers’ ‘Fallingwater’ in her official music video for the song below.

As you will see, her imagination when it comes to visuals is just as stunning as it is when it comes to music and lyrics. Oh and yeah, she can dance too!

Watch Maggie Rogers’ ‘Dog Years‘ — it’s beautiful in its simplicity

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