Listen to Manchester Orchestra’s ‘All That I Really Wanted’ from The Rookie ending, Season 5, Episode 4

American indie rock band Manchester Orchestra’s ‘All That I Really Wanted‘ was played on the new episode of The Rookie last night — The Rookie, Season 5, Episode 4, “The Choice”.

The sad, guitar-driven song was played when the police show up at the end of the episode after Rosalind has been shot and killed, and John has his gun raised looking for her killer.

The original recording of Manchester Orchestra’s ‘All That I Really Wanted‘ is from the band’s fourth studio album Cope.

The album came out in 2014 on the Loma Vista Recordings label, as well as on the band’s own label Favorite Gentlemen.

It is one of two versions of ‘All That I Really Wanted‘, with a much more powerful acoustic version of the song appearing on the band’s acoustic album Hope.

An album featuring acoustic versions of the songs on Cope that came out a few months later.

It is that acoustic version, with its more fragile and more heartbreaking sound, that was played during the ending scenes of The Rookie.

Listen to Manchester Orchestra’s ‘All That I Really Wanted‘ the acoustic version from last night’s The Rookie on their Hope album, and in the video.

You can watch the latest season of The Rookie on ABC.



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