Listen to Marcus Mumford’s ‘Stonecatcher’ from The Last Thing He Told Me, Ep 3 end credits – it’s a standout

Marcus Mumford’s ‘Stonecatcher’ the perfect musical illustration for that The Last Thing He Told Me ending

The latest episode of The Last Thing He Told Me premiered on Apple TV+ yesterday with the usual cool music on its soundtrack.

This time, the track played on The Last Thing He Told Me, Episode 3, “Keep Austin Weird” Episode 3 end credits was Marcus Mumford’s ‘Stonecatcher’ (feat. Phoebe Bridgers).

It was a perfect song for those credits as it begins to play right after Hannah gets a phone call from a detective and finds out her husband Owen and step-daughter Bailey didn’t even exist until recently.

The lyrics of the track portray how she must have felt perfectly:

Who am I
Rambling at my reflection in the rear view light
Following a stranger, praying for a fight
Or the strength to get back on my knees again
This light
Glowing neon in the corner of my mind
Burns and burns but leaves no warmth behind
I kinda wish you’d just done it in the dark

Marcus Mumford and Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Stonecatcher‘ was one of the tracks released on Mumford’s debut solo album ‘(Self Titled)‘, which came out in September, 2022 on Island Records.

The album had several other collaborations with females singers, but this one with Phoebe Bridgers is a standout.

(Self-Titled) also did well for the British singer, ending up on charts in nine countries, with a #4 placing on the UK Albums chart and a #3 ranking on the U.S. Top Alternative Albums chart.

Listen to Marcus Mumford’s ‘Stonecatcher’ (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) from it in the video, and on the album itself down below.

It is a helluva lovely thing, and his been on repeat on my Spotify Liked Songs list since early this morning.

You can watch the latest episode of The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV+.


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