Listen to Marilyn Monroe’s ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ from Titans

The fabulously quirky Marilyn Monroe song ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ was featured on the new episode of the DC Universe series Titans this week — Season 1, Episode 4, “Doom Patrol”.

The song was heard as Rita arrives for dinner, and we see her begin to serve herself food.

Marilyn Monroe’s ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You‘ is from Monroe’s classic comedy film Some Like It Hot starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Monroe.

A film that, almost 60 years after it was first released, is still thought of as one of the best movies ever made.

Interestingly, however, ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You‘ was not originally from that film, or originally recorded by Monroe.

Instead, it was written for the 1928 musical Good Boy, and was sung and recorded by Helen Kane — the later model for the iconic cartoon figure Betty Boop.

The popular track has also been recorded by Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Jack Lemmon, Barry Manilow, Sinead O’Connor, and Eve’s Plum among many others.

But it is Marilyn Monroe’s version of the song that most people remember, particularly because her lovely performance of the track is still available on film.

Listen to Marilyn Monroe’s ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You‘, and watch her iconic performance of it in Some Like It Hot in the video below. And don’t forget to look for Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag, as that film really has held up well.

You can also hear the deluxe version of the song on the Spotify widget below that.

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