Listen to Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Push’ from Stumptown, Season 1, Episode 10

The ABC crime drama Stumptown has been using some superb songs on its soundtrack over the first 10 weeks of its first season.

This includes last night’s Stumptown, which featured the iconic Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Push‘ on its soundtrack — Stumptown, Season 1, Episode 10, “Reality Checks Don’t Bounce“.

That song is one of the best alternative rock tracks ever released, and still holds up beautifully more than 20 years after it first came out.

Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Push‘ is from the indie rock band’s debut studio album, Yourself or Someone Like You.

The track was the second single from the album and, to this day, is the most well-known and most successful song the band has released.

Soon after its release, however, some women’s rights groups were up in arms accusing the band of writing a song promoting domestic abuse.¬† (Yes, these groups really did waste their time on groundless accusations like this).

Matchbox 20’s lead singer Rob Thomas was astounded at the accusations at the time, as he said he wrote the song about the emotional manipulation both parties often practice when they are in an unhealthy relationship.

But specifically about the emotional abuse he himself had suffered from an ex-girlfriend.

In reality, however, the accusations did nothing but create even more buzz for ‘Push, which eventually¬†made it to the top of Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.

It also charted in seven other countries at the time, including the United Kingdom.

Matchbox Twenty’s album Yourself or Someone Like You was also an enormous success for the indie band. The album was produced by Matt Serletic, and sold so many copies in the U.S it was ultimately certified Diamond.

To hear just why ‘Push‘ was so successful, you only have to watch the song’s official music video.

The track has a lovely melody, and a mellow, addictive guitar and Rob Thomas’s vocals are beautiful.

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