Listen to Mating Ritual’s ‘Game’ from YOU and How To Get Away with Murder

The Los Angeles-based indie-pop Mating Ritual’s ‘Game’ was featured on the second episode of the new Lifetime series YOU this week — Season 1, Episode 2, “The Last Nice Guy in New York“.


The song was played as Beck and John are on a date in a bar.

Mating Ritual’s ‘Game‘ was released back in 2014 on Soundcloud, but first gained popularity three years later when it was featured on How To Get Away with Murder. Now it’s back again on YOU.

And, if you like ‘Game‘, Ryan Marshall Lawhon aka Mating Ritual (and former vocalist of Pacific Air) also has a slew of other tracks on Soundcloud that are equally as cool and equally as good.

Meanwhile, you can listen to Mating Ritual’s ‘Game‘ in the video below, or in the Soundcloud widget below that.

Michelle Topham