Listen to Matthew Perryman Jones’ ‘Living in the Shadows’ from Love, Death & Robots

Matthew Perryman Jones’ ‘Living in the Shadows’ ended Love, Death & Robots Episode 7 perfectly

The new, weird and wonderful Netflix adult animated series Love, Death & Robots is not only one of the most bizarre things you will see on the streaming service this year, it also has some of the coolest music.

Take Matthew Perryman Jones’ ‘Living in the Shadows’, the song that was featured at the end of Love, Death & Robots, Season 1, Episode 7, “Beyond The Aquila Rift“.

It was a stand-alone release the American singer songwriter produced back in 2016, and is a powerful mix of superb vocals, a gorgeously insistent piano and a massive orchestral climax that grabs the listener emotionally.

Matthew Perryman Jones himself is one of those indie pop rock musicians that does not get the attention he deserves. Particularly as so many of his songs are huge emotional and energetic pieces that, once heard, tend to stick in your head.

Perryman Jones currently has seven albums out, three EPs and five singles.

You can listen to Matthew Perryman Jones’ ‘Living in the Shadows‘ as featured on Love, Death & Robots in the video below.  And head to Spotify to listen to all of his releases.

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