Listen to Max Richter’s ‘On The Nature of Daylight’ from ‘The Good Doctor’

Listen to Max Richter’s ‘On The Nature of Daylight‘ from ‘The Good Doctor

Whenever I hear a Max Richter composed piece of music on a TV show, I immediately reach for my laptop to write about it for you.


Because German-born British composer Richter writes some of the most beautiful music, and everyone should know about it.

This week, Max Richter’s gorgeous piece ‘On The Nature of Daylight‘ was featured on season 1 of the medical drama The Good Doctor (Episode 7, “22 Steps'”) and it is a piece of music that, if you love violins and are just now hearing it for the first time, you will wonder how have you managed to miss it so far?

Because not only is Richter’s ‘On The Nature of Daylight‘ beautiful, it is one of those pieces that sounds so heartbreaking it will seer itself into your memory so quickly, you will never forget it.

On The Nature of Daylight‘ is from Richter’s sophomore album The Blue Notebooks. An album Richter wrote to protest the war in Iraq in the early 2000s.

It is a track that has been featured in several prominent TV shows and movies, including Shutter Island, The Innocents and The Face of an Angel.

Listen to it below.

And, if you love the music, make sure you also listen to a stunning track that was created for the movie Shutter Island that is a mix of Richter’s ‘On The Nature of Daylight‘ and a Dinah Washington song called ‘This Bitter Earth.

Because that really is one of the saddest things you will ever hear.

Michelle Topham

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