Listen to Max Richter’s ‘Organum’ from Black Mirror, Season 5, Episode 1, “Striking Vipers”

Max Richter, one of the world’s most prolific composers, had yet another piece of music show up on a popular TV show this week.

This time it is Max Richter’s ‘Organum‘, which was featured on the Emmy Award winning Netflix science fiction web series Black Mirror, Season 5, Episode 1, “Striking Vipers” on Wednesday night (June 5th, 2019).

Richter’s ‘Organum‘ is from the German-British composer’s album The Blue Notebooks. Released in 2004 on the indie label Fat Cat Records, it is his second album, and was written as a protest against the Iraq War.

The album also includes various pieces of music that have been used in other TV series and films, including the iconic On The Nature of Daylight.

Last year, a re-mix of the album was released by Deutsche Grammophon to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

That version included some gorgeous remixes by other artists, as well as two new versions of his popular On The Nature of Daylight.

Listen to Max Richter’s ‘Organum‘ as featured on Black Mirror in the video below.

The album it came from can also be heard in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

Season 5 of Black Mirror is now available on Netflix.

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