Listen to Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust’ from The Handmaid’s Tale — melancholic and beautiful

The Handmaid’s Tale served up some excellent music again last night. This time with alternative dream pop band Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust‘ featured on the season finale of the dystopian drama — The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3, Episode 13, “Mayday“.

The track was heard as the other handmaids find June and then carry her away. It continues as we see a flashback of June, Luke and Hannah playing.

With its somber violin, acoustic guitar and lead singer Hope Sandoval’s ethereal voice, the song ended the season in such a beautifully melancholic way.

Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust’ is from the band’s second album — So Tonight That I Might See

The interesting thing about this song, however, is that it has never actually been released as a single. That being said, it has still managed to chart twice in the United Kingdom.

First in 2009, when ‘Into Dust’ was used on a Virgin Media commercial and the general public began buying it in droves. Then, two years later, it charted again when it was used in an ad for the video game Gears of War 3.

That means there’s a chance Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust‘ could chart again. This time in the U.S. with its appearance on The Handmaid’s Tale.

Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust‘ on TV

That being said, ‘Into Dust’ being featured on a TV series is nothing new for Mazzy Star.

The track has also been used in Charmed, The O.C., Babylon, House, M.D., New Amsterdam, 666 Park Avenue¬†and in Moonlight to name just a few. It has also appeared in three movies — In My Father’s Den, Foxfire and Rails & Ties.

Meanwhile, even though the band (well, duo really) was founded in 1989 and has had several break ups since, they are currently back together and making music. Their beautiful four-track EP Still was released in 2018.

Listen to Mazzy Star’s ‘Into Dust‘ in the video below.

And, if you love their iconic dream pop sound, do give their album So Tonight That I Might See a listen. You will find it in the Spotify widget below, and it is gorgeous.

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