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Listen to MDWS’ song ‘Circles’ from ‘Power’ — Mellow and Lovely


The latest release from Brisbane, Australia-based singer MDWS was featured on this week’s Power — Season 3, Episode 7 “Don’t Go” — at the beginning and end of the episode.

Called ‘Circles‘, it’s such a nice mellow synth-based track, and MDWS’ voice is lovely. And, yes, it’s a sad look at unrequited love. But then again, don’t feel bad for him as he still hasn’t given up hope, because “In another year, I’ll be waiting here, So, you can figure it out”.

Listen to MDWS’ ‘Circles‘ in the video below. He’s still a relatively new artist, but what he has produced so far is such high caliber, his work is likely to be showing up on more TV series soon. Watch out for it.

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