Listen to Melissa Etheridge’s ‘Come To My Window’ from ‘Family Guy’ — Rocking

The iconic Melissa Etheridge track ‘Come To My Window‘ was featured on the latest episode of Family Guy‘ this week — Season 15, Episode 10, “Passenger Fatty-seven“. It was played after Joe, Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland get lesbian haircuts and then head out to see San Francisco.

Come To My Window‘ is the second single from her 1993 album Yes I Am. The song won Etheridge a Grammy award. And it was a big deal for Etheridge at the time, as the track was released not long after she came out as a lesbian and it became somewhat of an anthem for those who could relate.

The song was written by Etheridge herself who has since said she was very surprised by the song and the reception it got, as she did not realize what it might mean to other people.

Watch and listen to Melissa Etheridge performing ‘Come To My Window‘ at the Kodak Theater back in 2009 in the video below because, yes, she is a damn fine live performer.

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