Listen to Metis’ ‘I’m All In’ Featuring Aynzli Jones from ‘Ray Donovan’

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Listen to Metis’ ‘I’m All In‘ Featuring Aynzli Jones from Ray Donovan

Hip hop artist Metis’ song ‘I’m All In‘ was featured on ‘Ray Donovan‘ on Sunday night, Season 4, Episode 10 “Lake Hollywood“. You heard it when Ray decides he’s had enough of Marisol, and walks away. It features vocalist Aynzi Jones.

As for Metis, I think it’s probably difficult to be much cooler than this guy. Because, not only was he once a professional basketball player at one time, but when he quit doing that he then went to work as an investment bank trader, eventually ending up as VP of Credit Trading at Goldman Sachs.

But, that wasn’t enough for him, as spoken word performances and rapping became much more appealing, so he dumped all that to start a music, video and writing career.

I’m All In‘ is all about that decision. Basically telling himself and everyone else that he is ‘all in’ when it comes to his new career, and he won’t settle for anything else but absolute dedication.

For more about the amazing Metis’ path to the career he has now, this Decibel Collective article is excellent.

Listen to ‘I’m All In‘ below as you heard it on ‘Ray Donovan‘ and, of course, grab it on all major music sites.

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