Listen to Miguel’s ‘R.A.N.’ from Power, Season 6, Episode 1, “Murderers” — a gorgeous ballad

Miguel’s ‘R.A.N.’ is that gorgeous ballad that is playing as we see Ghost in Angela’s apartment in the first episode of the new season of the crime drama series PowerPower, Season 6, Episode 1, “Murderers“.

‘R.A.N.’ was originally written for the 2018 crime film Superfly.

A film that had a disastrous opening weekend and so, consequently, ended up disappearing from theaters very quickly after essentially making a loss.

To see Miguel’s ‘R.A.N.’ reappear in Power, a much better property than Superfly, then is a delight.

Particularly as this beautiful of a ballad should have received far more attention than it did when it was first released.

Listen to ‘R.A.N.’ in the official music video below. You can also check out the Future curated soundtrack to Superfly, which includes R.A.N., in the Spotify widget below.

And yes, it is much better than the film it appeared in.

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