Listen to Moby Rich’s ‘Yoko Ono’ from Atypical, Season 3, Episode 9, ‘Sam Takes a Walk’

Los Angeles-based alt pop duo Moby Rich’s ‘Yoko Ono‘ was featured on the new season of the Netflix series Atypical this week — Atypical, Season 3, Episode 9, “Sam Takes a Walk“.

The track was played in the episode as we see Sam starting to dance too close to Izzie, and how she panics and pulls away.

Released in 2018, Moby Rich’s ‘Yoko Ono‘ was the pair’s debut single with a subject matter that, as they put it, is about “finding someone to match your strange”.

The song appeared on their debut EP from the same year, which was simply titled Our First EP.

Moby Rich, aka Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, also have an interesting way of producing music as they sing every song in unison.

That way of singing produces songs like this. Songs that are rich, satisfying and incredibly catchy.

Listen to Moby Rich’s ‘Yoko Ono‘ in the cool and quirky official music video below as the pair travel through Los Angeles in their matching single beds.

The pair also filmed an utterly fabulous live version of the song while they were both just hanging out in their bedroom. It comes with singing books and photographs.

Check that out below.

And, of course, give the track a listen on their debut EP in the Spotify widget below that, because you know how important Spotify plays are to every artist!

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