Listen to Moondog’s ‘High on a Rocky Ledge’ from Outer Range, Season 1, Ep. 6 – the melancholic song is so cool

Late American musician, songwriter, poet and composer Moondog’s ‘High on a Rocky Ledge‘ was that melancholic song playing on the new episode of Outer Range this week — Outer Range, Season 1, Episode 6, “The Family“.

The song was played after Perry and Royal fight in the kitchen, Amy gets hit in the head and starts to bleed, and then runs out of the house.

The track continues playing over the episode’s end credits.

Moondog’s ‘High on a Rocky Ledge‘ was released in early 1978 on his album H’art Songs, and was one of many songs the musician released over his more than 60 year career.

The album was released in Germany, where Moondog then lived, on the Kopf record label.

The lyrics of the song are quite astounding, especially when you consider Moondog (aka Louis Thomas Hardin) was blind from the age of 16 after a dynamite cap accident.

That meant that much of the imagery he imagined when he wrote was from memories that were already decades old.

You who are climbing breathless to see me and my love
Snow flowers growing fonder on Lover’s Ledge above
If you’ve the yen to pluck, then pluck us both
For we who have lived as one wish to die as one

Listen to Moondog’s ‘High on a Rocky Ledge‘ in the video and on his H’art Songs album.

And, of course, listen to more songs from Outer Range on Leo Sigh.

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