Listen to MØØNWATER’s ‘Breathe Right Now’ from Roswell, New Mexico, Season 4, Ep. 6

The lovely, ethereal-sounding ballad played on last night’s episode of Roswell, New Mexico over the end montage was MØØNWATER’s ‘Breathe Right Now‘ — Roswell, New Mexico, Season 4, Episode 6, “Kiss From a Rose“.

The song was released as a single by the Los Angeles-based singer songwriter earlier this year.

MØØNWATER is the relatively new music project from Belmont University songwriting program graduate Kathryn Juliana Kempthorn.

Unfortunately, like quite a number of indie musicians, there is little information available about her online.

I did, however, find this interesting interview from For the Record, in which Canton, Ohio born MØØNWATER talks about her start in music as a young child.

She played open mic nights at a local coffee shop, wrote music and then finally released her debut EP Nightfires.

Since that release, she has recorded and released several more singles with MØØNWATER’s ‘Breathe Right Now‘ just one of several that have come out this year.

Listen to MØØNWATER’s ‘Breathe Right Now‘ as heard on Roswell, New Mexico in the video, and on the Spotify player below.

You can listen to more of her songs on Spotify, and hear more music from Roswell, New Mexico here on Leo Sigh.



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