Listen to Moses Sumney’s ‘Doomed’ from Grey’s Anatomy — acappella at its most perfect

Moses Sumney’s ‘Doomed‘ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ is one of the most perfect acappella songs you’ll hear

The Moses Sumney song ‘Doomed‘ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy last night — Season 14, Episode 22, “Fight for Your Mind” — May 3rd, 2018.

The track was played as Arizona started surgery on Teresa’s baby, and as Alex tells his mother that he is happy for her.

Sumney’s ‘Doomed’ is one of the most perfect songs I have ever seen the Grey’s Anatomy Music Supervisor choose for a scene as the sadness for Teresa and her baby, and how touching the scene with Alex and his mother was, is perfectly illustrated with this gorgeous track.

And, if you ever thought Moses Sumney’s voice was notas good as media like The New York Times and Rolling Stone say it is, just listen to his vocals on ‘Doomed’.

A cappella, as most of his earlier songs were, there is not one crack in his voice, one almost but not quite hit note, or even much auto tuning. Just Moses Sumney singing one of the prettiest songs you will ever hear with a voice that is clear and rich.

California-born Sumney is from San Bernardino, California, but he and his parents went back to his parents’ homeland Ghana when he was just 10 years old. It was there that he wrote his early music, acappella again, as he did not play a musical instrument.

By the time he was 20, Moses Sumney was back living in the United States, where he eventually released  Mid-City Island, his debut EP. Since then, he has released another EP and a debut album Aromanticism, which was released

Listen to Moses Sumney’s ‘Doomed‘ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ in the official video below. There aren’t many people that have that beautiful or that rich and clear of a voice.

And do note how he is shot underwater throughout the entire song. Makes it just that little bit more beautiful.

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